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Gandhi and the English Working Class

Gandhi and the Indian Independence movement was wildly popular among the toiling masses of 20th century England.

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Capitalist Imperialism: Mainstream Economics Edition

Three recently released economics papers come amusingly close to validating typical Marxist arguments about the dynamics of global capitalism and its imperialist nature. 

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“The Future Lasts a Long Time”

From Postcolonialism: A Historical Introduction (P293): 1922.  Baghdad.  The dust settles after the activity of the morning markets.  Groups of children are walking home from school.  All over the city, people sitting down to eat intone ‘Bismillah-ir-Rahmanir Raheem.’  The quiet is broken … Continue reading

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Possible Signs of World-Capitalism’s Deteriorating Productivity

Two articles caught my attention today, both from the New York Times.  The first is an article by Tyler Cowen, one of the two editors of the blog Marginal Revolution.  Cowen posits that the explosive growth of the developing economies … Continue reading

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