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Writings that engage with representative capitalist democracy, mostly in its American form.

Mandela’s South Africa and the Poverty of Liberal Narratives on Race and Equality

The liberal narratives around Nelson Mandela ought to be rejected, in favor of recognizing that a revolutionary redistribution of the means of production is what is needed to truly solve racial disparities.  

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The Electoral College is an Authoritarian and Racist Mess

The electoral college makes it such that large segments of the population are essentially denied the power of their vote.

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The Necessity of Violence for Indian Independence

The critical role that violent outbreaks of rebellion played in the Indian Independence Movement is too often overlooked.  In fact, by the 1940s violent rebellion had become the rule rather than the exception in India. 

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The Two-Party State

It is fairly easy for any left-of-center entities to agree on some of the problems that afflict the United States; the military-industrial complex, corporate influence on elections, the War on Drugs and the prison-industrial complex, and so on. However, a … Continue reading

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