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Writings that are intersect both politics and economics, usually from a Marxist/class-based analysis

Automation by Capitalists Vs. Automation by Workers

The dynamics of automation cannot be properly discussed without considering who controls the means of production.   Advertisements

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Industrialization Has Always Sucked–But Does It Have To?

Historically, industrialization has always been a painful process whose benefits are not immediately accessible to the masses.  But this has less to do with some kind of iron-clad economic law, and more to do with the distribution of power in … Continue reading

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PlayStations, Commodity Fetishism, and Violence in the Congo

Examining the relationship between the release of the PlayStation 2 in 2000 and the subsequent spike in violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo demonstrates both the way that global capitalism perpetuates violent exploitation, as well as the continued relevance … Continue reading

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Environmental Racism as a Systemic Tendency of Capitalism

The disproportionate impacts of pollution and other forms of environmental degradation on people of color is not the result of scheming racists in power, so much as a structural tendency built into the dynamics of the marketplace. 

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Decarbonization as Decolonization: The Case of the Northern Bay Area

The fossil-fuel industry has historically developed in tandem with colonialism; therefore, it stands to reason that the anti-carbon movement is, at its core, an anti-colonial struggle.    

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Mandela’s South Africa and the Poverty of Liberal Narratives on Race and Equality

The liberal narratives around Nelson Mandela ought to be rejected, in favor of recognizing that a revolutionary redistribution of the means of production is what is needed to truly solve racial disparities.  

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A Brief Argument for the Importance of Analyzing Science & Technology Workers

The radical left should devote more effort to figure out how to increase the participation of tech workers and people with techno-scientific knowledge in revolutionary class struggle.    

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