Industrialization Has Always Sucked–But Does It Have To?

Historically, industrialization has always been a painful process whose benefits are not immediately accessible to the masses.  But this has less to do with some kind of iron-clad economic law, and more to do with the distribution of power in a society. 

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PlayStations, Commodity Fetishism, and Violence in the Congo

Examining the relationship between the release of the PlayStation 2 in 2000 and the subsequent spike in violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo demonstrates both the way that global capitalism perpetuates violent exploitation, as well as the continued relevance of Marx’s theory of commodity fetishism.  

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Thoughts On Applying Principles of Revolutionary Autonomy in the Bay Area

Zapatismo, and the principles of revolutionary autonomy in general, could be an excellent way to build a genuinely revolutionary movement in the Bay Area.  But applying this effectively requires us radicals to be more proactive in networking, collaborating, and cooperating with one another.   

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Reflections on the “Decolonization and Anarchism” Panel at the 2014 Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair

The “Decolonization and Anarchism” panel covered a range of interesting and important topics, ranging from struggling against White supremacy, to the relevance of the education system, to the need for anarchist solidarity with existing indigenous movements.  

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Environmental Racism as a Systemic Tendency of Capitalism

The disproportionate impacts of pollution and other forms of environmental degradation on people of color is not the result of scheming racists in power, so much as a structural tendency built into the dynamics of the marketplace. 

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The Environmental Externalities of Fracking, According to Peer-Reviewed Science

There are numerous scientific, peer-reviewed papers that have been published in recent years that point to the dangers of hydraulic fracking, and its impact on public health and the environment. 

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Karma-Yoga and Flow

There are strong parallels between the modern theory of “flow” as the state of optimal happiness, and Hindu philosophical inquiries into the human condition and what it means to be at peace. 

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