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The Political Economy of Revolutionary Struggle: Lessons from the Black Panthers

The way the Black Panther Party was influenced by its sources of funding should inform modern revolutionaries on the importance of being in control of productive assets, and taking seriously the basic Marxist arguments on how economic power informs socio-political power.  

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Biopolitics, Dual Power, and the Revolutionary Characteristics of “Serve the People” Programs

Prominent revolutionary movements typically follow the strategy of delivering immediate and concrete benefits to the masses, while simultaneously developing institutions parallel and opposed to those of capitalism.    

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The Communist Insurgents of 1970s Detroit, and Their Reading List

In stark contrast to the example set by revolutionaries in the ’60s and ’70s, radicals today focus far too much time and energy on studying old classical texts, instead of seeking out and engaging with more modern and contemporary analysis. 

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The Black Panthers, Cooperatives, and Revolutionary Expansion

Cooperatives can be useful for a revolutionary movement, but only if they serve as an economic base for the movement, rather than an end in themselves.  A good example of this type of application is the way the Black Panthers used … Continue reading

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The Black Panthers and the Argentinian Unemployed

There is a notable parallel in the way that both radicals in Argentina today and the Black Panthers of the late ’60s and early ’70s engaged in class struggle in local communities, rather than in factories.  The focus on communities will … Continue reading

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