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Reversing the Privatization of the University Through Research Militancy

In order to resist and reverse the privatization of higher education, student radicals should establish and grow university-community networks, and push researchers to base their work with and for popular movements fighting against state and capital.     

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Mandela’s South Africa and the Poverty of Liberal Narratives on Race and Equality

The liberal narratives around Nelson Mandela ought to be rejected, in favor of recognizing that a revolutionary redistribution of the means of production is what is needed to truly solve racial disparities.  

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Capitalist Imperialism: Mainstream Economics Edition

Three recently released economics papers come amusingly close to validating typical Marxist arguments about the dynamics of global capitalism and its imperialist nature. 

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Possible Signs of World-Capitalism’s Deteriorating Productivity

Two articles caught my attention today, both from the New York Times.  The first is an article by Tyler Cowen, one of the two editors of the blog Marginal Revolution.  Cowen posits that the explosive growth of the developing economies … Continue reading

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Oil as the Foundation of Keynesian Political Economy

I recently read a paper by George Caffentzis, titled “A Discourse on Prophetic Method: Oil Crises and Political Economy, Past and Future.”  It was a fascinating read, and argued that oil prices–and consequently, the class struggles around oil production–are intimately … Continue reading

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