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  1. PlayStations, Commodity Fetishism, and Violence in the CongoExamining the relationship between the release of the PlayStation 2 in 2000 and the subsequent spike in violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo demonstrates both the way that global capitalism perpetuates violent exploitation, as well as the continued relevance of Marx’s theory of commodity fetishism.
  2. The 1942 Quit India Movement: The Violent End of British Rule in IndiaThe mass insurrection that swept across South Asia in 1942-44 saw tens of thousands of ordinary people violently rebel against British colonialism, and proved to be the beginning of the end of the British Raj. 
  3. The Necessity of Violence for Indian IndependenceThe critical role that violent outbreaks of rebellion played in the Indian Independence Movement is too often overlooked.  In fact, by the 1940s violent rebellion had become the rule rather than the exception in India.
  4. Automation by Capitalists Vs. Automation By WorkersThe dynamics of automation cannot be properly discussed without considering who controls the means of production.
  5. Badass Women of the Anti-Colonial MovementsWomen played a key role in the various anti-colonial movements that have resisted European hegemony since its very beginning.
  6. Capitalist Imperialism, Mainstream Economics EditionThree recently released economics papers come amusingly close to validating typical Marxist arguments about the dynamics of global capitalism and its imperialist nature.