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Oil Trains, Indigenous Insurgency, and the Disruption of Capitalist Logistics

There is huge potential for different communities in the Bay Area, the West Coast, and the First Nations to coordinate their ongoing disruption of the supply chain of the carbon economy.   

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The Environmental Externalities of Fracking, According to Peer-Reviewed Science

There are numerous scientific, peer-reviewed papers that have been published in recent years that point to the dangers of hydraulic fracking, and its impact on public health and the environment. 

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The Oil Industry in the Bay Area–Current Problems, Proposed Expansions, and Community Resistance

The communities of the northern Bay Area of California–mostly working class communities of color–have a long dealt with the externalities of local oil refineries.  Now, due to the fracking boom, these companies are set to expand their infrastructure even more. 

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Nigerian Oil Militancy and International Capital

The escalating violence in the Niger Delta region by armed militant groups against multinational oil companies is a product of the social and environmental devastation that accompanied the “development” of the Nigerian oil industry.  

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Oil as the Foundation of Keynesian Political Economy

I recently read a paper by George Caffentzis, titled “A Discourse on Prophetic Method: Oil Crises and Political Economy, Past and Future.”  It was a fascinating read, and argued that oil prices–and consequently, the class struggles around oil production–are intimately … Continue reading

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